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Most people have no idea of the hard work and worry that go into the collecting of those fascinating birds and animals that they pay to see in the zoo.One of the questions that is always asked of me is 1 I became an animal collector in the first 2.The answer is that I have always been interested in animals and zoos.According to my parents,the first word I was able to say with any 3 was not the conventional“mamma”or“daddy”,4 the word“zoo”,which I would 5 over and over again with a shrill 6 until someone,ins groups to 7 me up,would take me to the zoo.When I 8 a little older,we lived in Greece and I had a great 9 of pets,ranging from owls to seahorses,and I spent all my spare time 10 the countryside in search of fresh specimens to 11 to my collection of pets.12 on I went for a year to the City Zoo,as a student 13,to get experience of the large animals,such as lions,bears,bison and ostriches,14 were not easy to keep at home.When I left,I 15 had enough money of my own to be able to 16 my first trip and I have been going 17 ever since then.Though a collector's job is not an easy one and is full of 18,it is certainly a job which will appeal 19 all those who love animals and 20.
1.A.how B.where C.when D.whether
2.A.region B.field C.place D.case
3.A.clarity B.emotion C.sentiment D.affection
4.A.except B.but C.except for D.but for
5.A.recite B.recognize C.read D.repeat
6.A.volume B.noise C.voice D.pitch
7.A.close B.shut C.stop D.comfort
8.A.grew B.was growing C.grow D.grown
9.A.many B.amount C.number D.supply
10.A.living B.cultivating C.reclaiming D.exploring
11.A.increase B.include C.add D.enrich
12.A.later B.further C.then D.subsequently
13.A.attendant B.keeper C.member D.aide
14.A.who B.they C.of which D.which
15.A.luckily B.gladly C.nearly D.successfully
16.A.pay B.provide C.allow D.finance
17.A.normally B.regularly C.usually D.often
18.A.expectations B.sorrows C.excitement D.disappointments
19.A.for B.with C.to D.from
20.A.excursion B.travel C.journey D.Trip
If you were to begin a new job tomorrow,you would bring with you some basic strengths and weaknesses.Success or 1 in your work would depend,to 2 great extent,3 your ability to use your strengths and weaknesses to the best advantage.4 the utmost importance is your attitude.A person 5 begins a job convinced that he isn't going to like it or is 6 that he is going to ail is exhibiting a weakness which can only hinder his success.On the other hand,a person who is secure 7 his belief that he is probably as capable 8 doing the work as anyone else and who is willing to make a cheerful attempt 9 it possesses a certain strength of purpose.The chances are that he will do well。10 the prerequisite skills for a particular job is strength.Lacking those skills is obviously a weakness.A bookkeeper who can't add or a carpenter who can't cut a straight line with a saw 11 hopeless cases.This book has been designed to help you capitalize 12 the strength and overcome the 13 that you bring to the job of learning.But in groups to measure your development,you must first 14 stock of somewhere you stand now.15 we get further along in the book,we'll be 16 in some detail with specific processes for developing and strengthening 17 skills.However,18 begin with,you should pause 19 examine your present strengths and weaknesses in three areas that are critical to your success or failure in school:your 20,your reading and communication skills,and your study habits.
1.A.improvement B.victory C.failure D.achievement
2.A.a B.the C.some D.certain
3.A.in B.on C.of D.to
4.A.Out of B.Of C.To D.Into
5.A.who B.what C.that D.which
6.A.ensure B.certain C.sure D.surely
7.A.onto B.on C.off D.in
8.A.to B.at C.of D.for
9.A.near B.on C.by D.at
10.A.Have B.Had C.Having D.Had been
11.A.being B.been C.are D.is
12.A.except B.but C.for D.on
13.A.idea B.weakness C.strength D.advantage
14.A.make B.take C.do D.give
15.A.as B.till C.over D.out
16.A.deal B.dealt C.be dealt D.dealing
17.A.learnt B.learned C.learning D.learn
18.A.around B.to C.from D.beside
19.A.to B.onto C.into D.with
20.A.intelligence B.work C.attitude D.weakness
Who won the World Cup 1994 football game?What happened at the United Nations?How did the critics like the new play?1 an event takes place;newspapers are on the streets 2 the details.Wherever anything happens in the world,reports are on the spot to 3 the news.
Newspapers have one basic 4,to get the news as quickly as possible from its source,from those who make it to those who want to 5 it.Radio,telegraph,television,and 6 inventions brought competition for newspapers.So did the development of magazines and other means of communication.7,this competition merely spurred the newspapers on.They quickly made use of the newer and faster means of communication to improve the 8 and thus the efficiency of their own operations.Today more newspapers are 9 and read than ever before.Competition also led newspapers to branch out to many other fields.Besides keeping readers 10 of the latest news,today's newspapers 11 and influence readers about politics and other important and serious matters.Newspapers influence readers'economic choices 12 advertising.Most newspapers depend on advertising for their very 13.Newspapers are sold at a price that 14 even a small fraction of the cost of production.The main 15 of income for most newspapers is commercial advertising.The 16 in selling advertising depends on a newspaper's value to advertisers.This 17 in terms of circulation.How many people read the newspaper?Circulation depends 18 on the work of the circulation department and on the services or entertainment 19 in a newspaper's pages.But for the most part,circulation depends on a newspaper's value to readers as a source of information 20 the community,city,country,state,nation,and world—and even outer space.
1.A.Just when B.While C.Soon after D.Before
2.A.to give B.giving C.given D.being given
3.A.gather B.spread C.carry D.bring
4.A.reason B.cause C.problem D.purpose
5.A.make B.publish C.know D.write
6.A.another B.other C.one another D.the other
7.A.However B.And C.Therefore D.So
8.A.value B.ratio C.rate D.speed
9.A.spread B.passed C.printed D.completed
10.A.inform B.be informed C.to be informed D.informed
11.A.entertain B.encourage C.educate D.edit
12.A.on B.through C.with D.of
13.A.forms B.existence C.contents D.purpose
14.A.tries to cover B.manages to cover C.fails to cover D.succeeds in
15.A.source B.origin C.course D.finance
16.A.way B.means C.chance D.success
17.A.measures B.measured C.Is measured D.was measured
18.A.somewhat B.little C.much D.something
19.A.offering B.offered C.which offered D.to be offered
20.A.by B.with C.at D.about



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